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Dec 2, 2013 2:25am EST
invited. jon was invited and no one noticed. somehow, even though people like jeb bush and bobby jindal, like chris christie have been critical of the republican party, particularly in washington, a somehow managed to do it from within the tent. i can't put my finger on why that doesn't translate the same way. i would like to see him be a bigger factor than what he is. but, really, outside of moderate democrats like you in academia, the jon huntsman contingency is small. >> hello. i'm a chairman of the college republicans. >> i know who you are. >> i retweet you. >> i am happy to see you look normal. you have a twitter fascination with me. >> i agree with you so much i can't help it. i was an intern on jon huntsman's campaign i agree with your analysis on him. i just wanted to say thank you for having the guts to call out stupid as you see it. i actually was honored to sign on to the amicus brief, the supreme court that you joined onto. they key for being one of the sane voices. for giving me hope that there is a bright future ahead for our party. i do have two questions regardin
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1